The Begotten Ones: Vol. 4 (A-Side)


10” x 10” in. acrylic on canvas

The Begotten Ones are a collection named after Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones.” They showcase my love of music and continuity.  Each piece is created by allowing the excess from one painting to influence the base of a second painting! This is the A-side. 



Gramma raised us to never waste food, to be creative with our Halloween costumes, to find the good gas at the least expensive location. This mindset also shows up in the way I paint. Acrylic pouring is such an amazing art form, but it can be wasteful! Paint will electric sliiiiide off the canvas!! So, I’ve circumvented that. Sometimes I place a canvas beneath the first pour & whatever drips becomes part of the background. One picture begat the next one. This is Volume 4 of “The Begotten Ones.” Sometimes they are bought as a pair, sometimes they aren’t. 


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